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Schedule of Upcoming Seminars and Speeches

If you would like to be informed when these webinars and seminars are scheduled please let us know on the Contact page. Thank you.   

October 2015

Wearing Chinese Glasses: Seeing Business As Chinese Do (for Westerners)
October 2015

Wearing Western Glasses: Working With Westerners
November 2015, China
December 2015, Taiwan

Logical Thinking and Communication: Critical Thinking (for Chinese)
November 2015, China
December 2015, Taiwan

Wearing Chinese Glasses: Seeing Business As Chinese Do (for Westerners)
November 2015, China
December 2015, Taiwan

Programs held in Shanghai and Nanjing, China, and Taipei and Hsinchu, Taiwan
Seats are limited.

Programs are offered in cooperation with the China Human Resource Managers Association. If you are a CHRMA member please register through them. If not a member please register with us directly through the Contact page.  

Wearing Chinese Glasses: Seeing Business As Chinese Do
November, Shanghai
A closed seminar for Chalmers Professional Education

Types of Programs
We offer both live and online seminars (webinars).

There are two types of live seminars, "public" where people register one-by-one (though larger groups are welcome!), and "corporate" where companies or groups arrange a seminar and select who to attend. Both have excellent results, the difference being that public seminars change individuals whereas corporate seminars change companies

There are two types of webinars, "live" where participants can ask questions and interact with the presenter (these are held at specific times), and "on demand" where participants can listen at any convenient time.

Corporate Classes
Both seminars and webinars can be customized to match the client's situation and needs. One possibility for seminars is our popular Class and Consult program. A key benefit of a corporate webinar is the entire company can learn the same material at the same time: that is how real change happens.

Corporate seminars can be arranged at any mutually-agreeable time ... and I am normally very flexible. Please use the Contact page to enquire about Corporate classes, or for more details about the programs offered.

* I was once accused in the Far East Economic Review of being a racist because I held Chinese- and Westerner-only workshops. Shows even a professional publication can have a bad day.

Holding uni-culture classes eliminates "pride" from consideration. Examples that raise no eyebrows in a one-culture group can easily be challenged in a bi-culture audience. This is especially true with Westerners who have little or no experience working with the Chinese. Interestingly, I have never been challenged by a Chinese audience, have never been told "We don't do that," but have been told I'm mistaken (and even called the "R" word) by Westerners for saying the exact same thing about the Chinese that I say to Chinese audiences.

I do hold bi-culture classes, but if possible only after each has taken a uni-culture program first. This two-step process has wonderful results!