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I have hired, fired, managed, worked with and for Chinese. Partners, clients, team-members, investors, bureaucrats, vendors. Friends and not-so friends.

I am a cultural optometrist, adjusting people's eyes (minds) so they see the way their cultural counterpart does: Chinese glasses for Westerners and Western glasses for Chinese. If your audience has China on the mind and wants to learn something useful, a common sense approach to business in Chinese Asia, plus be entertained and to leave energized, I'm your guy.

Business success in China doesn't come easy, but it doesn't have to be as hard as Westerners think it is.

Why do many Chinese think Westerners are selfish?

Below are possible keynote (60-90 minute) speech topics. Others can be considered upon client request. Longer speeches or seminars combine parts or features of more than one topic. I am also happy to participate in panel discussions and/or to lead breakout groups. 

China Has Changed, The Chinese Haven't
   - knowing what has changed in China and what hasn't is key to your success
Good, Bad and Ugly Westerners
   - adjustments you should/shouldn't make in Chinese Asia
Pride or Profit: Understanding Chinese Face
   - what motivates Chinese, and how this affects your actions
Market Your Message in China, Don't Sell It
   - Chinese don't sell messages, they market them
Wear Chinese Glasses … or Do Business Blind
   - success depends upon you "seeing" things as Chinese do
Cultural Misunderstandings: The Biggest Hidden Cost in International Business
   - understand the huge hidden costs of communication and cultural misunderstandings
Spend Pennies to Save Dollars: Manufacturing In or Sourcing From China
   - why struggling for the lowest cost ends up costing you more; where you should spend to save
Understanding and Overcoming Cultural Diversity
   - general principles and techniques illustrated by Chinese examples

Why do Chinese often think Western 'polite' is ... impolite?

A link to video clips of speeches and seminars is available to serious enquiries upon request. Please contact us with any questions or comments. We look forward to helping you succeed in Chinese Asia.