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About Me

My name is Greg Bissky. I lived in Chinese Asia from 1985 to 1999, working throughout the the region in two main areas: cross-culture and management training, and leading Chinese teams in region-wide major performance-improvement projects (quality management, reengineering, business process improvement, performance management, balanced scorecard). I opened Treasure Mountain Consulting in Taipei in 1991: 2011 is our 20th anniversary.

I moved home to Canada in 1999, bringing with me my Chinese wife, young daughter, company and list of Chinese clients. I still kept leading teams in Chinese Asia by travelling often, writing email, using Skype and enduring late-night conference calls (living in the Chinese time zone hours even while in Canada).

26 years and counting of wrinkles on my China hand.

I came to Chinese Asia in January 1985 after finishing my Master's Degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. My plan was to learn Chinese language, culture and people then return for my Ph.D. My field? Modern Chinese politics. An especially sensitive subject in Taiwan and China in the mid 80s, I rapidly learned to tell people I studied modern Chinese history. That was acceptable.

Unlike most (all?) other cross-culture experts, I work equally well with Chinese and with Westerners. Teaching both cultures is a virtuous circle: Chinese tell me their problems with Westerners, and vice versa, thus the more I teach the more I learn. Wonderful!

I teach more than the Wearing Chinese Glasses seminar. Night school classes include Plato Meets Confucius: Cultural Differences From The Inside Out, and In China History Is Now: How History Shapes Chinese Attitudes Towards The West. I also love lecturing and talking to students from Grade One to University.

I've designed and taught "performance" classes to both cultures including Business Process Improvement, Quality Management, Performance Management, and Setting Metrics And Analyzing Results. I'm proudest of my 3-day Logical Thinking & Communication for senior Chinese managers/executives, a course on the fundamentals of argument logic. Chinese have told me, "Your course changed my life," Western managers have said that it changed their company.

Details of classes offered to Chinese is available on the mirror site,

Without Chinese glasses I never would have stayed so long!

Seminar attendants say I am a dynamic, energetic and humorous speaker and trainer, clients say I am a hardworking and innovative consultant. Who am I to argue?