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Some Clients Of Mine

Below are lists of some of my clients over the past 25 years, followed by some testimonials from grateful clients and/or seminar attendees. More information (including contact information for the the testimonial authors) available upon request.

Some of my government and semi-official clients are:
 . OSEC (Office Suisse D'Expansion Commercial)
 . Swiss Mechanical and Electrical Industries Association
 . German Trade Office, Taipei
 . Canada Asia Pacific Foundation
 . Vancouver Board of Trade
 . CETRA (China External Trade Development Council)
 . Trade Office of Swiss Industries
 . Taipei Representative Office of British Columbia in Taiwan
 . American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)
 . European Chamber of Commerce
 . British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCT)

How do you know if a Chinese agrees with you? Or disagrees?

A partial list of my corporate clients include:
  Shell; Philips; IBM; Hewlett Packard; AT&T; Aetna; Motorola;
  Merck; Procter and Gamble; Saatchi and Saatchi; Ericsson; Trane;
  Avon; Ford; Ciba-Geigy; Sanofi; Mobil; Eli Lilly; ICI; Hoechst;
  Jacky Maeder; Panalpina; Boehringer-Ingelheim; Logitech; Huawei

What My Clients Say

Greg’s presentation used the perfect balance of humour and knowledge, making his session thoroughly captivating. His energy, conviction, and expertise captured the audience and got the message across while being entertaining. Greg has the unique ability to both educate and entertain, with a casual, human conversational quality that allows the audience to really connect and relate to him. This was a thoroughly enjoyable presentation to watch, and Greg was wonderfully friendly and cooperative throughout the planning process.
   Yana Verbitskaia, Marketing Coordinator, Supply Chain and Logistics Canada (Toronto)

Your presentation and message was the best I’ve ever seen. Because of it I became aware of the paramount importance of how I communicate, not only with Chinese but with everyone. Now, whenever I communicate I think about what glasses I should wear, with very positive results.
   Peter Christen, Owner and President, Tiger Käse AG (Emmental, Switzerland)

I have arranged many of Greg's seminars for Swiss expatriates and visiting Swiss groups, and have received numerous compliments for his passionate, practical, entertaining and very useful presentation. Greg is a professional and a pleasure to work with.
   Jost Feer, Director, Trade Office Of Swiss Industries (Taipei)
I met Greg when I attended one of his seminars. Later I hired Greg to explain contracts and Chinese business relationships to a German court, a written summary that helped our company win a major legal battle. I used Greg to introduce performance management into the company I managed, and enjoyed the two years the contract ran. Greg and I are now friends.
   Thomas Wicki, OSEC Director of Trade, East Asia (Singapore)

Your workshop for Westerners was very entertaining and informative. The concept of “seeing things through Chinese glasses” helped me a great deal in understanding, communicating and leading Chinese staff. Your project leadership in changing how we measure and manage performance, and in reengineering the Order-Delivery-Payment process, helped improve productivity, staff retention and customer service.
   Pat Spencer, VP, Trane Asia (retired)

Greg has the unique capability of combining the very essential information for successful relationships with the Chinese with an easy to follow, humorous presentation.
   Edgar Rothschild
, Education Programs Manager, Swiss Business Network (retired)

Thank you for the very informative workshop. A few days after it I sent a fax to Hong Kong asking for samples, and for the first time I actually received exactly what I was asking for! I believe this was because I used your recommended way of communicating.
   Peter Schnellmann, General Manager, CPS Trading Ltd. (Frieberg)

Your personal and motivating style greatly helps Swiss companies avoid numerous pitfalls in the China and Taiwan trade.
   Dr. Kurt Meier, Head, Swiss Mechanical & Electrical Industries

Greg’s courses are outstanding and he can make real and substantial contribution to our company.
   Peter Sorg, VP Human Resources, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Asia (Singapore)

You don’t pick up Greg’s advice unless you live here. He’s well-received by Chinese; you see them nodding in agreement to what he says. 
   Michael Craddock, Director, BC Representative Office in Taiwan (Taipei)

Friday’s session was fantastic: informative, thought-provoking, fun.
   Mark Payne, Manager, Saatchi & Saatchi Asia

Your Chinese glasses are ready, available at the next seminar.

In this age of desktop publishing, websites and increasing global competition, the usefulness of written testimonials is very devalued. How can you trust what the person says someone else wrote? This is sad, as to me there is no more important voice than that of the customer.

To add value to my testimonials above I will gladly help any or all of the people named get in touch with you. Let me know whom you would like to speak to, then ask them why attending one of my seminars is a good idea.

Do you know many other consultants or speakers who offer this? No? Exactly.